Subaru Tire Center And Replacement Near Baltimore, MD

Whether you're facing a flat tire or looking for a new set, our Subaru tire center has you covered. We're here to help pair your vehicle with tires engineered just for it and assist with choosing the right set based on your driving needs. Once you've chosen your tires, our factory-trained technicians can mount, balance, and install them. Ride quality and grip will be like new, or even better.

Protection in Every Purchase

With any tire purchase1 at our Subaru tire center, you'll also get our Subaru 24-Month Tire Protection Plan for free. It offers 24-month tire protection,1 covers tire replacement or repair,1 includes Subaru Tire Roadside Assistance,1 and is redeemable at any authorized Subaru dealership.1

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive vs. Subaru Tire Replacement

With the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system in your vehicle (excluding the Subaru BRZ®), all four tires must be the same size, compound, and tread depth for optimal drivetrain health. This is why replacing all four tires at once is recommended. Replacing only one tire after a flat near Columbia means tread can be uneven, and as a result, apply uneven force to the AWD system.


Tires have an expiration date and also need to be balanced and rotated for optimal performance. It's why tire inspection is a regular part of Subaru maintenance intervals.

Your Options at Our Subaru Tire Store

Not all tires are made the same. Tires optimized for summers in Glen Burnie, MD, are much different from ones built for the winter, and vice versa. With the driving conditions you'll face in mind, here are the types of tires available.

All-season Tires

  • Engineered to handle almost all road conditions
  • Able to be used year-round
  • Longer lasting tread life

All-season tires are a versatile choice. While ideal for more moderate climates, the chemical engineering of their rubber withstands both heat and cold, and their tread provides grip in all weather conditions. Tread life can also be longer than summer tires.

Versatility comes at a cost. All-season tires are not as effective in cold, snowy conditions as winter tires, and don't provide the levels of warm-weather traction that summer tires give. But, for an all-around option, all-season tires from our Subaru tire shop are your best bet.

Summer and Performance Tires

  • Best traction in warm climate conditions
  • Improved traction in wet road conditions
  • Provides high-performance options

Like different grades of Subaru OEM oil, different tires handle heat differently. In warm and hot conditions, summer tires get the best grip and stick to dry roads better than the rest, and provide increased traction in wet conditions.

This optimal street grip makes them the perfect choice for high-performance tires. Summer tires are the best choice for in-control speed, braking, and cornering. Although, summer tires harden in cold climates, losing traction.

Winter Tires

  • Engineered for traction in cold climates, and snow, ice, and slush
  • Improved braking on snow and ice
  • Lower chance of sliding during turns on snow and ice

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive may be associated with winter driving, but it relies on the right tires. If you try running through snow with sneakers on, you won't get very far. Winter tires are chemically engineered to withstand the rubber-hardening effects of cold temperatures and use tread patterns with the best grip possible for snow and ice on roads near Baltimore.

Having a separate set of summer and winter tires costs more, but when it comes to confidence and performance year-round, there's no better option out there.

Find the Right Tires at Wilkins Subaru Near Pasadena

If you need a new set of tires, give us a call. We'll assist with finding the right set and get them installed promptly. You can also shop Subaru accessories with us and enhance the wintertime experience with a ski rack and much more. Stop by today, and put the rubber to the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does replacing a Subaru tire cost?

The price for a new Subaru tire at our Subaru tire center can vary depending on the type of tire (i.e., all-season vs. high-performance summer), the size of the tire, the manufacturer of the tire, and other factors. As an estimate, the cost for a single tire with us can range from approximately $100 to $300. Mounting, balancing, and installation costs are not included in this estimate.

What brand tire does Subaru use?

The brand of tires that Subaru vehicles come equipped with varies between models. Yokohama tires are often the brand of choice, and you'll find their high-quality tires on many vehicles from the Subaru Outback® to the Forester®. Our Subaru tire center carries them so that your vehicle will drive like new.

Do you have to replace all four tires on a Subaru vehicle?

Yes. With a Subaru tire service or replacement, all four tires must match each other for compound, type, size, and tread depth. This is because if those factors vary between each wheel, an uneven force will be placed on the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system, in turn affecting vehicle health. Whether it's replacing a flat or buying a new set, ensure that all four tires are in the same condition, the same size, from the same manufacturer, and the same type.

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