Subaru STARLINK Subscription And Packages Explained

Subaru Starlink subscription

From enhanced infotainment to powerful safety features, Subaru STARLINK is ready to make your ride more capable, confident, and connected than ever. Every Subaru vehicle offers Subaru STARLINK features, though specifics vary by model. So what's included? Read on and find out as we dive into the many aspects of Subaru STARLINK.

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What Are the Subaru STARLINK Subscription Packages?

Subaru STARLINK refers to three technologies: A multimedia infotainment system (Subaru STARLINK Multimedia), an available package of safety and vehicle security features (Subaru STARLINK Safety and Security),1 and available remote app features (Subaru STARLINK Security Plus).1

The multimedia system is standard in every new Subaru vehicle but varies from model to model; we'll cover the details below. The safety and security package is either optional or unavailable on most base-trim Subaru models but will be standard via a three-year trial when you choose higher trim levels.1 Availability of Subaru STARLINK Security Plus features follow the same pattern but involves a six-month trial.1

A Subaru STARLINK subscription is required to access the safety and security package. However, a Subaru STARLINK Multimedia system will be built into every new Subaru vehicle and available to enjoy at all times.

Subaru STARLINK Subscription Packages

Discover Subaru STARLINK Multimedia Displays & Features

Subaru STARLINK Multimedia begins with a crisp high-resolution display.

The Crosstrek, Forester, and Impreza have a standard 6.5-inch display and can be upgraded with an 8-inch display. The Legacy, Outback, and WRX have dual 7-inch displays as standard and can be upgraded with an expansive 11.6-inch display. The Ascent has that 11.6-inch display as standard; the BRZ and Solterra have a standard 8-inch display.

Connected essentials like Bluetooth® connectivity, Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ integration are available for each model. However, you can upgrade most Subaru STARLINK Multimedia systems with navigation, traffic, and many specialized connected services.

In particular, Subaru STARLINK Multimedia can be combined with available subscriptions to state-of-the-art TomTom® or Magellan® navigation, Pandora® or SiriusXM® Satellite Radio, Yelp® travel guidance, and a Quick Reference Guide by Tweddle®.

Subaru STARLINK Safety & Security Features

Explore Subaru STARLINK Safety & Security Features

Excluding base-trim models, you'll get a three-year trial of Subaru STARLINK Safety and Security1 features as standard on a new Subaru vehicle. You can purchase a Subaru STARLINK Concierge subscription1 to get up-to-the-moment guidance regarding restaurants, hotels, event tickets, and more ways to enhance your travels.

What's included with the Subaru STARLINK Safety and Security package?

Specific features vary by model, but this package typically includes an automatic collision notification service, enhanced roadside assistance, SOS emergency assistance, maintenance reminders, vehicle health reports, diagnostic alerts, a vehicle condition check service, and a seamless vehicle service appointment scheduling tool at participating dealerships.

In Subaru vehicles that include a three-year trial of Subaru STARLINK Safety and Security, you'll also get a six-month trial of Subaru STARLINK Security Plus, AKA the "Subaru STARLINK subscription app."

Through this app, you can access features like remote door lock/unlock, remote horn/light activation, remote vehicle location services, remote engine start with remote climate control adjustment,2 and stolen vehicle immobilization/recovery services – along with boundary, speed, and curfew alerts to manage your family's younger drivers. Some versions also include a distance-to-vehicle feature.

If equipped, you can access these Subaru STARLINK remote features through the MySubaru App for intuitive control.

All of this goes far to inspire confidence. But remember, any Subaru vehicle with Subaru STARLINK will most likely include a Subaru EyeSight Driver Assist Technology package to take your driving confidence further. From adaptive cruise control to automatic collision avoidance, it's easy to see why Subaru vehicles and safety go hand-in-hand.

Explore More Exclusive Subaru Technologies at Wilkins Subaru

Subaru STARLINK is a great benefit of buying or leasing a Subaru vehicle. But it's far from the only one. Each model is ready for adventure, designed to protect, built for spacious enjoyment, and is a powerful, efficient ride that will treat you to years of satisfaction. If you're interested in other brand-exclusive technologies, check out our guides covering:

  • Subaru X-Mode: Conquer any terrain or weather condition with intelligent traction
  • Subaru SI-Drive: Make your drive sportier, more efficient, or a combination of both

Once you've had a look, visit us at Wilkins Subaru to experience Subaru STARLINK and all the in-depth features of your preferred model; our team of Subaru experts will be thrilled to give you a guided tour.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Subaru STARLINK?

Subaru STARLINK is a connected experience that comprises an advanced infotainment system, powerful remote connectivity features, and available safety and security benefits that make every mile convenient, confident, and enjoyable. The availability of specific Subaru STARLINK systems and features varies between models. Every new Subaru vehicle includes a Subaru STARLINK multimedia system, and most include powerful Subaru STARLINK Safety and Security features as standard.

Is Subaru STARLINK worth it?

Subaru STARLINK Safety and Security features come standard on almost every new Subaru vehicle,1 making it a no-cost package that builds on the already outstanding value of a Subaru vehicle. For the few models that have it as an option, choosing to enhance your ride with Subaru STARLINK Safety and Security and Subaru STARLINK Security Plus features is a decision that's well worth it.

How much is Subaru STARLINK?

The Subaru STARLINK subscription cost can be initially waived with a new Subaru vehicle, as most models include a three-year trial1 as a standard benefit. From there, the yearly subscription cost can vary depending on the model of your vehicle and the level of services you choose. But in any case, adding Subaru STARLINK Safety and Security features to your vehicle will enhance your on-road experience to new heights.

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1Activation with subscription required. Includes a three-year trial subscription to Safety Plus services and a six-month trial subscription to Safety and Security Plus services. The Concierge plan can be purchased annually or monthly. A credit card on file will be required for specific packages and for renewal purposes. Features and availability vary by vehicle and trim level. May not be available in all states. See Retailer for details.

2Remote Engine Start available on keyless access with push-button start vehicles. Remote Engine Start with Climate Control available on vehicles with keyless access with push-button start and automatic climate control. Not available on vehicles with manual transmission. See your Retailer for details.