Taking quick action when your Subaru maintenance schedule calls will ensure that your Subaru vehicle stays in top-tier condition. The talented team of technicians at our service center near Columbia knows our Subaru lineup like the back of their hands. You can trust us to take good care of your vehicle.

We'll Take Care of Your Subaru Recommended Maintenance Schedule

Every vehicle on our lot comes with its own Subaru maintenance schedule. Following your vehicle's schedule and regularly updating your battery, tires, oil, brakes, and windshield wipers on time will help your car run well for as long as possible. Our technicians are factory-trained and drive the same streets you do in Glen Burnie, MD.

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Come See the Top Technicians at Your Subaru Service Intervals

Reaching out to our team of technicians in Glen Burnie, MD, is super easy. There's no need to panic when the warning light on your dashboard lights up, as you can take care of your Subaru Crosstrek® maintenance schedule quickly and easily at our service center. Whether you've been here in the last year or it's your first time servicing this particular vehicle, we'll make the entire process worry-free for you.

Scheduling a service appointment shouldn't take a ton of time out of your day. That's why we make it super easy to get an appointment time on our website. After you answer a couple of questions and reserve a slot that works best for you, we'll be ready for your arrival.

Drivers tell us all the time how much they appreciate our attention to detail and dedication to getting you back out on the road as soon as possible. Our technicians know that we all have somewhere to be.

FAQs About Our Subaru Maintenance Schedule

If you're not sure where you're at in your Subaru Legacy® maintenance schedule, one of our factory-trained technicians can help. They answer questions about the proper time to schedule your car for maintenance all the time, including the following:

What is the Subaru maintenance schedule?

Bringing your car in for service is an important part of car ownership and car safety. You should check in on your car's condition during the following Subaru maintenance intervals:

  • 3,000 Miles or 3 Months
  • 7,500 Miles or 7.5 Months
  • 15,000 Miles or 15 Months
  • 30,000 Miles or 30 Months
  • 45,000 Miles or 45 Months
  • 60,000 miles or 60 Months

How often does a Subaru vehicle need to be serviced?

Each Subaru vehicle should be checked according to the recommended schedule for that specific model. Before you take home your next model, you'll receive the service dates that are in line with that particular car. As you drive your car around and the miles pile up, it's important to keep an eye on your odometer and how well your car is running.

How much does Subaru scheduled maintenance cost?

Maintenance costs vary depending on the service requested and the model you have. The cost of a brake replacement for a new Subaru Forester®, for example, will be different than an oil change for a used sedan. Get the most up-to-date prices on our car service by getting in touch with our service bay right now.

Come to Our Service Bay When Your Subaru Maintenance Schedule Calls

It's important to bring your car in if you feel that it is experiencing an issue. But one of the best ways to go a long time without having to fix something in your car is checking in on your car's condition at the recommended mile intervals. When it's time to let our technicians work their magic on your car, visit our service center near Baltimore.

Our service staff knows how your car is supposed to look and feel. If you need the Subaru SI-DRIVE® explained, they're the perfect people to ask about our intelligent driving technology. Nothing makes our crew happier than setting you up with a car that you'll love and rely on for years to come.

Subaru - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)