Do you think you're a "severe driver"? 

This checklist might help you decide, and also provide the help your Subaru needs!

Keep your Subaru running like new, even in the harshest, traffic-congested, Baltimore-DC Metro conditions with Wilkins Subaru's helpful tips and professional service.

How do you compare? Here's a helpful checklist to see how "severe" your driving might be, and how it could be affecting your Subaru!

Do You...
  • Have three or more cold starts a day?
  • Frequently drive on trips of 10 miles or less?
  • Periodically get stuck in stop-and-go traffic (if you commute anywhere near us, we know your answer is YES to this one!)?
  • Drive in dusty or extreme temperature conditions?
  • Drive with heavy loads?
  • Drive in the mountains?
If you answered YES to one or more of the above questions, you are a "severe driver" and should follow the severe driving maintenance schedule in your Subaru's owners manual. Check it out, and if your Subaru is in need of a checkup, schedule an appointment with one of our service specialists.


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