Get that "dealership shine" with the same car detailing packages we use on our retail vehicles. Think your vehicle is past the point of no return? Think again.

If you drive something special and are looking for a great way to prepare it for your next club event, we've got you covered. Or if your family vehicle has seen a few too many toaster strudels smashed into seats and floor mats, our interior car detailing experts have worked miracles. Scroll down for more details about our detailing services, then hook up your ride and shop Genuine Subaru Accessories.

Why Are These Car Detailing Packages So Awesome?

Maybe you've driven past our facility in Glen Burnie, MD. If you have, you've definitely seen our team hard at work on our new vehicles and even our used cars under $15k for sale. The difference between the work our specialists produce and what happens, let's say, in your driveway, comes down to equipment and experience. Each team member has thousands of hours of experience, and we use a similar dollar amount for equipment and supplies. That's the secret. Plain and simple.

If you need some sprucing up before date night, we've got basic vehicle detailing packages that will impress any passenger. Has your car seen the elements and is now suffering from oxidized paint or yellowing headlights? We can help correct all of that, too. Maybe you've got a hard-working truck that's seen its fair share of construction sites and mud holes near Columbia. No problem. We can service all those unseen places so that your underbody's components are protected, too.

FAQs & Our Car Detailing Packages Near Baltimore

We're here to help put vehicle-detailing-cost worries to bed. We make cleaning your vehicle pretty easy here at Wilkins Subaru with three car detailing packages. We offer an interior, exterior, or full detailing service.

If you need help deciding which package your vehicle needs, talk with an associate when scheduling your appointment. We can help determine which one is right for you, but perfectionists will love the thoroughness of a full detail.

Since you may have heard us say that "Everybody wins at Wilkins," you can count on pricing that will also keep your bank account nice and shiny. So without further ado, let's dive into the answers to some of the most common questions we get at our detail center.

How much is it to get a car fully detailed?

That all depends on where you go and the number of features the detail includes. Many places will charge you over $300 for a full detailing service. Fortunately, our highest package is only $189 (subject to change), with additional savings possible when you swing by our dealership. Be sure to ask about our latest specials.

What is included in a full car detail?

Would you be surprised if we told you that your vehicle often defines how we apply our skills? We include a baseline of over 20 services in our full detail, but we never operate on a one-size-fits-all approach. Suppose there's something special that your vehicle needs, our specialists will see it. If there's something that has always bugged you, please let us know. We'll spend the time on those trouble spots so that your vehicle comes out the other side with that hard-to-get dealership shine.

What does an interior car detail include?

Before we start, we'll listen to your needs to make sure we focus on any lingering problems. But from there, we'll scrub the interior by hand, clean and dress all panels, consoles, dash vents, cargo areas, and more. We'll use the right tools and products for cloth, synthetic leather, and premium leather, depending on your seating surfaces. And yes, your ventilated and massage seats are safe in our hands.

Cost-Effective Auto Detailing Packages Near Pasadena & Beyond

Lastly, many of our customers want to know how long it will take to get the job done. That depends on which package you choose and the extent of your cleaning. We never rush. We know how important the look of your vehicle is. All of our car detailing packages get the time and attention you deserve.

Typically, you will spend 30 minutes to a few hours with us. With that in mind, we encourage you to plan ahead. There's plenty of great places to eat along Ritchie Highway, and you're always welcome to relax in our showroom hospitality center.

Enjoy some refreshments. Explore the latest models. Chat with a specialist about buy vs. lease benefits if you think you might be interested in a new vehicle. Whatever it is, we'll see you at Wilkins Subaru.

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